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We invest heavily in our employees, systems and technology, believing that a strong, stable but continually evolving business core is fundamental to our ability to best serve our clients' needs.

SPG is proud of our state of the art technology program of highly skilled experts and innovative equipment. Our communications systems have been designed to provide seamless access between ourselves, our offices and clients and candidates. We have extensive video conferencing ability; remote access to our extensive, customized databases; highly developed security for our technology and offices; ready inventory of all communication devices and computer equipment and a highly sophisticated disaster recovery program and fully integrated failover/redundancy.

As part of our program to adapt to our clients' needs and preferences, we have an expansive and a unique corporate financial system which allows us to conform to client billing requirements, produce virtually any level of reporting required and accurately process unlimited payroll and billing demands.

The databases for each of SPG's practice areas are comprised of tens of thousands of candidates and contacts who are systematically maintained on a continual basis. The wealth of our contact network reflects the many years of professional relationships of our recruiting and research teams.

Our administrative support and corporate accounting teams are thoroughly trained and immersed in their roles and responsibilities. The communication and interaction between them and our recruiting staff is close and ongoing, contributing to each others efficiency, competence and accuracy and collaborative success.

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